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Read Will & Carlson's Weekly Newsletter every Friday that Congress is in session.  

The Eye on Washington provides readers with news and views on what's happening on Capitol Hill.


Will and Carlson, Inc. is a full service governmental relations firm based in Washington, DC specializing in natural resource issues while providing a deep and systematic knowledge of the invisible world of politics and policy. 


If you are new to the site, visit the Who We Are section to view information about the firm, and Visiting D.C. about the Washington, DC area. The current issue of Will & Carlson's weekly newsletter, the Eye on Washington is posted in the Publications section.  


The Partnerships section details organizations that Will and Carlson is involved with, and the Links Section offers a variety of useful links to federal and state sites, water organizations, and national and western state newspapers.  


We hope you find this site useful, and visit us often!


 Site Updated: February 1, 2012


Will & Carlson, Inc.
A Washington, D.C. based government relations firm specializing in natural resource issues.
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